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Monday, 13 February 2012

Angel Infidelity?

When the baby finally arrived an unfamiliar coldness descended on their relationship. George was delighted the wee mite had Eunice's beautiful skin but wings! He knew for sure wings didn't run in his family and was pretty sure they didn't run in Eunice's either. Had she bonked a man with wings and not told him? Was he raising another man's child as his own? He was wracked with gnawing doubts from morning till night and took to obsessively eating apples to ease the pain. Even Eunice's exposed breasts couldn't placate him. No man had suffered so much since Joseph and the "immaculate conception".



  1. hahahaaaa...

    Geraldine quietly lamented taking after her mother. Her invisible areolas made her feel self-conscious, especially around Juan-Carlos. But not that he'd ever notice her coy coquettish ways.
    All he ever wanted to do was to impress that impish flying midget who has ginormous testicles.
    Maybe she'd go gay after all...

  2. Hahahah That's the spirit Violet. I'll fix the grammar and post it.


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