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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Never Trust Cupid

"Hey! That's Mummy!" said Timothy with a voice like a soccer ball with a hole in it,"She just went out to walk the dog! And that's Mr Williamson, my headmaster! Why is he wearing that funny outfit and why is mummy naked? He's not a gynecologist.  Cupid! Have you been playing tricks?"
"Maybe....?" answered Cupid Sheepishly.
"And why am I naked? And why am I carrying this silly sink plunger with a fire in it?"
"You'll find out when we get to the Priory..."
Cupid sure was acting strange today. What ever he was up to Timothy was about to learn the hard way....



  1. Very funny!
    "with a voice like a soccer ball with a hole in it"
    Totally stealing that line next time one of my boys starts whining...

  2. If I've learned one thing from your blog, it's that in the olden days women were always naked. Where did we go wrong?

  3. and why are they sitting on the dog?
    what would PETA say?


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