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Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Flash Of Inspiration

"So..... you're telling me there's two giant singers miming an operatic duet above the house and two giant tortoises fucking on the roof of the house and it's given you the inspiration to build an opera house in Sydney! Jorn Utzon! You need to see someone."


Friday, 14 October 2011

Thursday, 13 October 2011



Who ya gonna call?


Attempt To Get Followers



Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Greg's Parenting Tips

Parenthood is not always expensive and should never be considered hard work. A little ingenuity can go a long way. Roger here, has even found a way to save on buying petrol while having fun at the same time. His son, Jimmy, takes him to and from his place of work each day and is quite happy with the arrangement as long as it means he no longer has to attend school. All in all this is a win-win situation for all concerned. 


Greg's Relationship Advice

Ever feel you're stuck in a rut? Reversing roles for a time  can breathe an exhilarating  blast of fresh air into even the most difficult of relationships!


How To Have Sex With A Mermaid


Monday, 10 October 2011

Henry's First Date Goes Bad

 Henry was so overwhelmed by her tantalizing loveliness that he crashed his new Ford Capri with the turbo and the overhead cams. He was the first to admit that crashing on an uncharted planet on a first date was not a great start but she didn't have to urinate on him. What kind of girl pisses through her index finger anyway?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dolores's Dilemma

Dolores attended the ball dressed as a horse. Unfortunately deporting herself on all fours exposed her nether regions to public view. When the string from the tampon she was wearing attracted a peck from a young man dressed as a sparrow she'd had enough. For the sake of decorum she transformed herself into a woman, pretending to be a horse, pretending to be a kangaroo.

Pussycat Lounge Advertising

More Brilliance from Aluminum Foil Hat.
Another day goes by as Gladys sits behind her secretarial desk, dressed in her slinkiest pussycat lounge costume, pining for the attention gentleman visitors lavish on the carboard cut-out of her 20 foot tall twin sister. This would all end today, though, because Gladys could stand the indignity no more. Her hand calmly reached into the center drawer and clutched the pack of matches that would ultimately end the reign of the cardboard harlot ... just then, Dick Darling, the Creative Director of the Pussycat Lounge Advertising Department whistled aloud and said, to no one in particular, "Boy, this girl is on FIRE!" Gladys smiled at Dick's unintended foreshadowing and decided, after she'd torched the garish cardboard bitch, she'd force out an enormous shit on Dick's desk blotter.http://aluminumfoilhatsociety.com/

Aluminum Foil Hat

         An excellent caption from my friend Aluminum Foil Hat.
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