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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Inspiration From My Friend Aluminum Foil Hat

"What's wrong?" said Gwendolyn in surprise.
"It's this armor." squealed Gawain like a rat under a truck tyre."It's so tight  I can't move! It locks up and my arms stick out like this when I get an erection."
"So much for the Atkins diet" replied Gwendolyn with a touch of sarcasm.

 An idea from my friend Aluminum Foil Hat http://aluminumfoilhatsociety.com/


A Limerick From Susan Tarlitz

There once was a knight known as Rusty,

He squeaked when he moved and was musty.

"Oh Lord, thou doth stink"..

Screamed the Lady in pink,

And she fled on the horse she named Dusty. 


Dear God by my friend Violet

Dear God,
Bless Leo and Tabby and Tom and BooBoo and Geraldine. Keep them healthy and purring ... but please please help them get housebroken reallly soon. It smells like a zoo over here!
And may I pleeeeeeaaasssseeee get a pony for my birthday? 

by my friend Violet http://revolveevolve.blogspot.com.au/
painting by Rubens


Gawain Loses His Horse

F**k off fancypants!"


Abandoned By A Woman Scorned

"It rained and it's rusted together" said Gawain a little flustered. "I can't move.Take my horse and go get some WD 40 and my angle grinder."
"Enough of  your excuses!" replied Gwendoline,"Do you really think I don't know why your 'Cedric' won't stand to attention? I've seen you with that pansy squire of yours. Let him save you. What kind of man wears armor to a seduction anyway. Thanks for the horse." 
Painting by Sir Frank Dicksee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Dicksee

Monday, 12 March 2012

Problem Solved

St George made swift work of his new mother-in-law.
Painting by Paolo Ucello


The Wit Of Jennifer Mary Williams

".... and God...... Will you hurry up with the cat food?" 

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