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Friday, 23 December 2011

Indignant Tree Post

"Excuse me madam." Said Arthur, pretending to be a talking tree and freaking Phyllis out," A short, bald man just peed there, and, I'm sorry to inform you, you're standing in it. Yes, men pee on us! It's just another indignity us poor trees must suffer. I'm sure they only do it because we're immobile and they take pleasure in reminding us."                                                                        
"Men can be such beasts sometimes."said Phyllis' slightly worried that she must now educate Arthur in the finer points of communing with nature and wondering if he will think less of her when she is forced to reveal that trees can talk. 


Monday, 19 December 2011

Tales Of The Wild Wild West.

In the year eighteen fifty three a massive influx of clerical workers from Europe lead to a shortage of pencils and spawned the worlds first great pencil rush. Pencil fever swept the Wild West and men abandoned their gold mines and ranches to cash in.  The price of pencils soared to over twenty five cents a pound and agents from the East were willing to pay up front leading to cunning pencil men  ( known colloquially as "pencil Dicks") slyly producing heavier and heavier pencils. 

Things came to a head in eighteen fifty four when Gadfly& Guttersnipe, the largest stationer in New York City, Paid $35,000,000 for four hundred thousand tons of pencils and received a single four hundred thousand ton pencil made from a large sequoia.


Modern Work Practices Originate During The American Civil War

That evening life in the camp was a joy to behold. Men who had previously been bitter enemies laughed and and relaxed  together like the closest of friends. All in all, it was collectively agreed, casual friday was a resounding success!

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