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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

People That Change Colour

  I was watching QI last night and apparently Siamese cats change colour if you put them in the fridge. This is cruel so please don’t try this. You start out with a light coloured cat with black extremities and you end up with an all black cat. They had pictures and said that this is its natural response to cold, which it shares with Himalayan rabbits. The extremities are already black because they are its coldest bits. It turns back after a while as it warms up.
   I saw this and thought wouldn’t it be cool if they could find the gene for this and insert it into humans.  We could be white with black ears, and hands, and faces, and willies, in the summer and all black in the winter. I wonder though, would this end racism or would this just piss off black people because they’d think we’re stealing their gig, or “taking the piss”?

   This is an interesting point so please, if you’re black and reading this please leave a comment. Would you be OK with it if we found a gene for you so you could be white in the winter? That might mean you had white ears, and hands, and feet, and faces, and willies in the summer which would be quite funky don’t you think? I’m pretty sure when the white people turned black they still wouldn’t be able to dance, or jump, or talk that strange street language you guys have, so I wouldn’t worry about that. 

     Also, if you're worried that you might be sucked in by a person masquerading as another race, all you would need is a hairdryer to find the truth of the matter. 

    I wonder if you warm up a siamese cat's tail with a hairdryer, does it turn white?

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