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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Goat Accused Of Armed Robbery

  This clipping was sent to me by a friend  regarding an incident that happened in 2009 but I'm afraid it raises more questions than it answers. Why would a man who can turn into a goat need to steal a car in the first place? Surely the amount of money to be made from performing this trick would be way in excess of that required to buy a Mazda 323.  As far as I know they stopped making these in 1994. If I could do this I'd steal a Ferrari or something flash.
   How do they know the man turned into a goat? The other way round makes more sense as an animal changing from one form to another is more likely to want to trade up the evolutionary tree rather than down. Becoming a man is a great thing it's just a shame it turned into such a poorly behaved one, but then, how could a man who was a goat most of his life, be expected to know how to behave?  So the poor goat finally works out how to turn into a man only to unknowingly commit crime such that he has to turn back quick smart to evade the long arm of the law? Perhaps we need to teach all goats basic social skills just in case.
    None the less, if this was a man who turned into a goat as the article suggests, then a goat was a really poor choice. Surely a lion would be better, or an eagle, or something really cool like a velociraptor, or a pterodactyl! Fly away and be done with it, but a goat is bullshit. Sorry mate. Not only did you fail to steal the car you turned into something way too ordinary. Back to wizard school for you!


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  1. This Nigerian Scam turned out to be a ram.


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