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Welcome to my blog. The text on this blog is original so please don't borrow it without asking me or adding an acknowledgement as to the source. Please, please, please, click the share buttons on anything as often as you like. Please, please, please leave a comment or become a follower. If you can think of an alternative caption leave it as a comment and, if I like it enough, I'll post it with a backlink to your blog. Enjoy.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Life Before X Box



  1. Hey Greg - funny blog! I just spent way too much time scrolling down and laughing at all the pictures and stuff...
    With all these pics, you're blog is gonna get a million hits.

  2. Thanks Mate.
    The captions are from a competition a ran among my 2,800 facebook friends. I'm hoping they'll visit to find their own captions. About half of them are my own captions and all the writing exempt for the one about a college exam is mine though I still haven't settled on a consistent "voice".
    I really love your blog too.


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