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Sunday, 28 August 2011

On Morons by Greg Scott

  Morons don't really exist. If you meet one you may find it's just a normal person behaving like a moron behaves. The moron thingy is like an overcoat that is passed from father to son down the generations and, for those that wear it, it's a very comfortable thing. I have a shop and I sell things to other people’s morons all the time. If I thought they were morons too I’d make a lot less money.
   Perhaps, though, it's more like a suit of armor in that it protects the wearer such that others don't get too close. The moron/overcoat wearer thinks that everyone else is the moron and that's why the world is so fucked up. He needs the armor to protect himself from all the morons. It's a Freudian defense.
    It's interesting to think that though people die, their behaviors may be immortal. That moron/overcoat in the supermarket may be the very same moron/overcoat that fought at Agincourt just worn by a different body. It's passed down the line by one generation doing to their children what their parents did to them. It's not bad, it's just what happens.
    Many of us have our very own inner moron. It manifests by complaining that the world, and other people, are not the way it wants them to be, and, because it's the fault of all the morons out there, nothing can be done about it. I'm sorry, morons, the world is the way it is. It's not the fault of some moron. You can either live with it or do something to change it. It's that easy.
 If you meet a moron talk to the normal person instead of the moron/overcoat. People are nice, morons are boring. When he see's that you're nice he may drop the overcoat. He may hit you too but that's just a risk you take



  1. Yours is the quite possibly the coolest blog I have ever seen! I'm actually blown away. Did you see it? You have to pay attention. That streak across the sky was me being blown away.


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