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Monday, 12 December 2011

Father Discovers The "Fountain Of Youth"

The bombers were overhead and we really didn't know whether we would survive this time. Mum and us kids were verging on hysterical.
"What can we do Father! We don't want to die!" we yelled in despair."HELP!"
"Well," said Dad, cool as a cucumber, "Where's my bucket list?" he scrabbled around and found a notebook under the bed, "It says here I've always wanted to learn the hula hoop. Who'll have a go with me?"
We were, of course, delighted so we grabbed our hoops and rushed off to the park.

 To this day hula hooping is a massive adrenalin rush for us all and a must for family gatherings. Father is 96 and has just published a book citing extreme hula hooping as the much sort after "fountain of youth."



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