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Sunday, 4 December 2011

DIY Leads To Relationship Tension In The Olden Days.

"Harold! How many years have we been renovating now? SEVEN! That's how many. I'm sick of these bloody cherubs. There's a company here in the yellow pages that makes cherub screens for $49.95. That's NOTHING! I'll ring them if you like. It's just as well you're good in bed. If you'd been firing blanks like Jeremy I would have left you long ago!" 



  1. This one confused me! But then, at my age, it doesn't take much.

  2. In Australia many men are into DIY (do it yourself) which leads to much tension because stuff doesn't get done. I reckon the guy in the background is one such guy. The yellow pages is the business directory phone book here in Australia which is separate from the rest of the phone book. Thanks for your comments though Eva


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