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Saturday, 19 November 2011

More Things We Do Differently In Australia

I've heard that the American government is very concerned about illegal Aliens despite the fact that  they do much of the menial work there and if they all went home tomorrow everything would grind to a halt. In Australia, however, it's only the ones that come in leaky boats that we give a hard time. The ones that come by air we find quite lovely especially the interstellar arrivals. They tell us that despite their considerable efforts with the American Human Anal Microbe Population Program , which they do entirely for free, the US Government still denies their existence which they find rather rude.
  One of the problems we have in Australia is that people keep getting eaten by sharks, which is very upsetting for everyone.  Our alien friends have been very considerate in organizing free shark patrols of our beaches! In the photo above they have contained a great white with tractor beams while the swimmers move to safety.


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