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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

More Things We Do Differently In Australia

I thought I'd write some stuff about Australia for my American readers who may not realize things are very different here. We used to have the empirical system like you guys but we got sick of it and changed to metric. Every thing's now divisible by ten. We had to throw away our old rulers and bathroom scales and buy new ones in meters and kilograms. The worst thing was changing to metric time as everyone had to throw away their watches and clocks some of which were very expensive. Now we have a ten hour day, and a ten day week, and ten months in the year, and do you know it takes exactly one metric minute to raise the temperature of one litre of metric water by one degree celsius if you apply 100 degrees celsius to it at sea level. I mean, how cool is that?


  1. Metric water!!! Wow!! Is that H₁₀O₅?

  2. Yes John (Have you been here?). That's why it goes down the plug hole the opposite way, it's weighted differently. When we changed from imperial water all our bath plugs had to be changed because fittings of the old ones would unscrew.


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