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Monday, 5 March 2012

High On Cherub Spray

"I want those f'ing cherubs gone before Joe gets home!" said Mary thinking this was the guy from the exterminator's, "And what is that stuff you're on? Is it poisonous? ARE YOU HIGH?" 
"You shall conceive a son!" said Gabriel from his cloud, "And you shall call him Jesus!"
"Oh right! And what's Joe going to think about this? You do know he's impotent? If you want to help out, just spray the f'ing cherubs and give Joe a hard on!"
"And another thing,"said Gabriel,"this isn't Cherub spray. It's a cloud. It gets me much higher than this!"



  1. You can't have a house loused up with cherubs. They're the worst. My house had a nasty cherub infestation last year. We did everything: put out cherub traps using high grade cherub bait, put out cherub poison (which, incidentally, are brownies), and put glue traps on the ceiling. And nothing. They still flew around, pooping all over the place, crying like dumb babies do, it was the worst.

  2. I know! You butter your toast and before you know it there are footprints in it. Also, try having sex with cherubs watching. It's just too weird!

  3. creeeepy flying babies are a total deal breaker

  4. I had terminex come out on valentines day. It's been working ever since.


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