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Friday, 2 December 2011

The Joys Of Parenthood

One of the unending joys of parenthood is watching the many amazing talents of your offspring as they emerge on the ever wondrous journey towards adulthood.  My own parents still can't believe my own late blooming as a blogger and are still heard to mutter "where the hell did he learn that?" Despite this talent I still cant see myself arriving at adulthood any time soon!
Joey was the first of my own offspring to show prodigious, and entirely unexpected, talent. Who would have thought my wife and  I could produce a member of the living dead! He was such a normal kid until we surprised him eating his sisters' brains! Joey the Zombie! He was out and he was proud! We were worried about his other siblings so we kept Ally's head and filled it with beans and, although he farts a lot, we are all quite safe. His agent is presently signing a book deal for him and there may even be a movie coming up. Isn't life just wonderful!


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