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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Don't Do Drugs

Few table tennis aficionado's realize the 1966 world championship in Helsinki was cancelled when a group of visiting drug crazed hippies from San Francisco stole all the ping pong balls. When asked for an explanation Freddy "flower child' Fredrickson replied,"Well Daddio, love. peace, man, make love not war, digg it! duuuude! You don't think we came all this way just to drop acid and listen to the Gratefull Dead on head phones DO YOU? ....   The acid here rocks MAAAN! We dropped a trip when we got here man, and it gave us the munchies so we used our real eyeballs to make soup. You don't expect us to come all this way and not see anything, do you?"


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  1. The Marty Feldman cosplay contest was well attended.


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