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Friday, 24 February 2012

Grant Hayes On Ancient China

    Tathagata Buddha, the Farter Buddha, said: "With our farts we make the world!" Pictured is an excerpt from the classic Wi-Pu-Bang (Dung Dynasty). Here we see Bum Wind masters demonstrating Rat-Fart, Dead-Tree-Fart, and the very rarely attained Old-Man-Fart.
It is said of the Bum Wind master Pu-Wei that with only five grains of rice for fuel, he could fart out a seven-tiered iron pagoda. In the time it took for the shrine-bell to toll once and fade to silence, Master Pu-Wei would then emit the shapeless Dragon-Fart, which would sweep away the pagoda in an instant, leaving only five grains of rice. In this way, Pu-Wei showed that all things are a passing wind...

Excellent caption from Grant Hayes

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