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Monday, 2 January 2012

Adolph And Eva's Christmas 1942

Adolph secretly hated Eva's latest christmas gift and only wore it begrudgingly to avert domestic strife. 

Eva dropped many hints for her present but the war was on and Adolph was a very busy man. 

Instead he got her an indoctrination machine just in case she didn't agree with him on everything. 



  1. I need one of those indoctri-thingies for my wife.

    I'd be happy if it only worked once!

  2. I f'n LOVE these silly captions a-la this blob you have going here. today, at work, someone brought in a silhouette portrait that I SWEAR was Adolf Hitler, which is 1000% ironic since most of our clientelle are of the jewish persuasion...
    and no- he was not sporting bunny ears. it would be way cooler if he did!

  3. Thanks Violet
    Where do you work? Are you still in the slightly dubious adult sales business?


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