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Saturday, 12 November 2011

An Afternoon With Jane Austen's Editor.

"How is Miss Austen's latest novel going Mr Smithers?" asked Miss Sullivan with a wry smile. "Shall you allow me to read it ? Is it simply spiffing?"
"Rather!" replied Smithers , his organ adjusting itself in his breeches like a restless marsupial. "Though rather too saucy for our readership I fear. Do you know? I was reading it upon retirement last evening and I had to get the maid to change the sheets this morning. I'm really not sure the croquet club are all together prepared for nocturnal emissions."
"Don't worry." said Miss Sullivan coquettishly, "We'll get Nanny to write it like she did all the others. Make sure you give me the real copy though. We'll sell it to the adult channel on Foxtel."



  1. .....his organ adjusting itself in his breeches like a restless marsupial..... sheer brilliance!


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